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Florida State CB Tony Carter Is Undersized, But Still A Quality Corner

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

CB Tony Carter is rising on our draft board due to his steady, smart play.  The draft is all about trying to find players who will outperform their draft position and be worth every penny.  The Florida State corner has a small frame and is undersized at five foot nine and maybe 170 pounds.  This will undoubtedly drop his draft stock.

Every player selected in the mid-to-late rounds has flaws or perceived weaknesses.  The trick is to correctly evaluate which players bring something to the table that will enable them to be productive, despite being small or a step slow.

Carter is a favorite among Florida State coaches because he is a durable, productive player. He has missed only 2 games in his college career to date and has played extensively as a four-year starter.  Carter has a problematic shoulder that pops out of socket.  He has learned to play through this and will drop his shoulder and upend receivers on occasion.

The Seminoles’ most reliable cornerback has quick feet, solid instincts and a knack for taking interceptions all the way back (3 touchdowns).  In addition, he can return punts and will not hesitate to quickly head upfield.  He reminds me of former NFL wide receiver, Kelvin Martin, as a punt returner. Martin was only 165 pounds, yet played ten years of pro ball as a back-up receiver and punt returner.  I can see Tony Carter carving out a niche for himself as a back-up cornerback and contributing on special teams in the NFL.

Todd Boeckman Dropped From Draft Board

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Ohio State QB Todd Boeckman was dropped from the PFDI draft board.  I have seen Boeckman play on several occasions and never felt he was a serious NFL prospect.  He is a solid division 1A quarterback whose skill-set does not bode well at the professional level.


Boeckman does not have quick feet or a particularly fast release.  The speed of the NFL game will result in him being easy to sack and pressured into mistakes.  The Ohio State starting quarterback (for now) has an average arm.  His deep ball floats and the velocity on his throws will give NFL defensive backs too much time to react.


The USC game revealed that as the level of competition is raised, Boeckman’s mistakes increase and he lacks big-time skills to make plays.  The hardest position to play in sports is being a NFL quarterback.  The list of fine college quarterbacks (Jason White, Steve Walsh, Danny Wuerffel and many more) that played in big games at major programs, yet could not transition well to the NFL is extensive.  Todd Boeckman still may be a late round draft choice.  However, I believe there are other quarterbacks available in the 2009 NFL Draft that offer more potential upside as a backup in the pro game.