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Interview With Colorado State Coach, Mark Lubick, Regarding Kory Sperry

I recently interviewed, Mark Lubick, who is the tight ends’ coach at Colorado State where he worked with, Kory Sperry.  Film review is obviously a big part of evaluating NFL Draft prospects.  However, it is helpful to gain some insight into the mental make-up or character of a player by discussing his career with someone who has worked closely with him.  The following is a summary of our discussion:

Denis Krusos: How has Kory Sperry recovered from last year’s knee surgery to repair a torn acl?

Coach Lubick: Kory did a terrific job in his rehab.  He was ready to go by spring ball and is 100% recovered.

Denis Krusos: What stands out most about Kory as a person?

Coach Lubick: He is a competitor and really wants to get on the field and battle.  Winning is important to him.

Denis Krusos: What is his greatest strength in your opinion?

Coach Lubick: He has a true passion for the game.  His competitiveness also is a real asset.

Denis Krusos: What does he need to work on?

Coach Lubick: Kory needs to keep working on his route-running.  He also has to get stronger, which will help him when blocking.

Denis Krusos: Tell me more about his weight room workout habits?

Coach Lubick: Kory was our senior leader in the weight room.  He led by example and no one had to push him to hit the weights.

Denis Krusos: Would you say he is a better receiver than blocker at this point?

Coach Lubick: Not necessarily.  Kory is a very good athlete and is capable of doing both.  He is strong enough to take on a linebacker.

Denis Krusos: Which does he handle better as a pass catcher, a linebacker covering him or a smaller, but faster defensive back?

Coach Lubick: He has had success against both.  Kory runs better than many linebackers.  We also would spread him out wide at times to create a match-up with a smaller defender.

Denis Krusos: Kory had a strong game (6 receptions for 104 yards (17.3 per)) against a tough TCU defense.  Any particular reason?

Coach Lubick: The looks TCU gave on defense predicated we should look the tight ends way and Kory produced for us.

Denis Krusos: What stands out in your mind most when you recall coaching Kory Sperry?

Coach Lubick: That Kory is capable of taking over a game.  When he gets hot he can be tough to handle.

Kory Sperry is an intriguing 6’6” 250 pound tight end with athletic tools.  He is one of those 2nd day draft choices with upside to keep an eye on.

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