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PFDN’s List Of The Top Values Available In The 2009 NFL Draft

I recently posted the PFDN list of prospects that represent the top values in the 2009 NFL Draft. This is the essence of the draft in my opinion.  Every team wants to find players on draft day that will outperform their draft selection.  I obviously enjoy evaluating football talent and finding bargains on draft day is a big part of this site.  The draft day bargain I am most proud of in my own evaluations is Justin Tuck.  I scouted Tuck in preparation for the 2005 NFL Draft Preview DVD I was producing at the time.  I saw Tuck play on numerous occasions and thought he was another Charles Haley.  This was quite a complement to Tuck because I consider Haley to be a Hall of Famer.

I could not believe that the big media outlets kept promoting the virtues of Erasmus James as the best pass rushing defensive end in the 2005 NFL Draft.  Many thought Shawne Merriman and DeMarcus Ware would be productive pass rushers, but as outside linebackers.  I watched on draft day as Erasmus James (1st round, # 18 to Minnesota), Shaun Cody (2nd round, #37 to Detroit), Matt Roth (2nd round, #46 to Miami) and Jonathan Babineaux (2nd round, #59 to Atlanta) all were selected before Tuck.  The Giants selected Tuck in the 3rd round (pick # 74) and found themselves an absolute steal.  I hope to spot more undervalued players in this year’s draft.  You can read in the coming weeks PFDN’s scouting reports on our list of top values.

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